Thursday, November 24, 2011

face your fears

Everyone has different facial expressions, but there is one expression that is, your "everyday face”- an expression that you wear every time you aren’t busy talking, kissing, forcing a smile, or sneezing.

Lately I have been asked by a fair number of people if I am sad or upset, this is a little strange for me because I consider myself to be quite a content and neutral looking person.

This puzzled me for a while.
I went out one evening and out of the blue a friend of mine asked if I was about to cry, I asked why(?), and they said "well your expression is very sad and worried looking”. Hmm... sad and worried, not me, at least not me, all the time

So I went home and the next morning, took a photo of what I thought is my “everyday face” (pictured above) and I have to say, everyone is right. 
I look anxious and gloomy, which might be true at times, but definitely not a feeling I want to convey on an everyday basis.
Its something people might not ever think about, what their face looks like while they’re simply walking around. 

But trust me, its a very important thing to consider, I recall walking past people scowling and looking angry while glaring at everyone, on numerous occasions, and wondering, “what is their problem??” 
Looking back, I am pretty sure more times than not, they weren’t actually mad, it was just their facial expression while casually taking a stroll down the street. 

Maybe its a guarding mechanism, used to feel confident while under the public eye. 
In reality an expression can be mis-interpreted, especially if you aren’t even aware you are making it.

Please, don’t make the same mistake as gloomy looking me and angry looking them, actually take time to feel what your face looks like, relax those face muscles, and maybe even smile? 

I will be working on my smile,

Its more attractive than looking like a grump.

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