Wednesday, November 02, 2011

the warmfuzzies+crushed aowls

Every time we (mainly females I presume) hear about someone living out their fairytale ending in the real and slightly negative world that we live in, we have these expectations/dreams that naturally come about- “can’t wait for my turn, its gonna be real magic”-ok thats probably just me...

I know thats not all of us, but i can tell you that was me as a little girl, and as the years have passed I,
 have been bumped and bruised along the road but I still hold onto that same cliche and overused idea of a “happy ending” with me and him (whoever that him may be in the future). 

Now I realize that a large number of our youth population subscribe to the idea of love not existing, or not being worth their time. And my answer to that is a lovely eye-roll, because I cannot imagine another reason for saying that other than an attention seeking cry of desperation. Sure you might have had your heart ripped apart at the seams! Who hasn’t? But a series of disappointments is no reason to give up on something... a feeling, that completes our very existence. 

My friends, love is not like santa clause, it does exist!
I don’t think you can choose to not believe in it, it would be like not believing in the oxygen we breathe with. Simply silly!
Sure we can’t physically see it, but we can see its effects, and use it all the time.  
Ever thought “hey maybe this thing called love is not like what I see in the movies?”
Real love is even better, maybe not as perfectly staged, lighted, and costumed-but at least its the real thing.

Love can be found in many ways (not just people)- for example, the way I get teary as I listen to a great song, the way a flower litters pollen all over my white cardigan leaving a perfect stain of lovliness, or the way we (me and you know who you are)  move together while dancing to that less than perfect song in your kitchen. 

Love I believe is found in the way you look at a situation…at someone. It does not have to be found in a person, but if it is make sure to not miss it, because love is always there but your vision of it will not be, if you choose to subconsciously or consciously look away.  
Similarly,  don’t wreck your vision of love by comparing it to other guys and gals with a completely different situation to yours. 
Every love is unique and different in its own way. (FYI- you won’t always get the warmfuzzies-don’t mistake that feeling for amour) 

I don't know if its right or wrong to sound cliche, but I’ll admit I do, because I do believe in romance.
Despite the many tears and disappointments I am still here today trying to convert everyone into believers. If there is one thing I believe in
 its love. 

If I say anymore I might drown in this sorry and cheesy rant on all things mush and gush. 
What more to say other than: hey, i love you!

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