Tuesday, November 22, 2011

just an idea

I don’t know why, but for some reason I have always thought that the idea of dying/sleeping in water is beyond beautiful and the most poetic and natural way to end a life. Probably because at the young ripe age of 12 I was fascinated with the character of Ophelia in Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”,  that I always pictured it as finding eternal peace inside a flowery and watery grave.

For my Studio Art subject this coming year I am planning to re-create several scenes with my handy-dandy mermaid camera, depicting the deaths of tragic figures in poetry-mainly underwater.

This will be hard- because without a variety of expressive models/actors...this whole thing could turn into cheese. So I am placing an open call for any aspiring actors, models, swimmers, or just friends of mine who wouldn’t mind helping me out next year. 
I want you to be in my photos, this would mean possibly getting wet and possibly being extremely close to a member of the opposite sex (romeo and juliet?)  

So just zip me a message or comment on my facebook page if you would like to be involved, everyone I know is so beautiful and lovely, you could really bring something special to the shoot. 

Of course this is all still in the planning stages, all I know is that it will involve water, flowers, and poetry. 

Oh and, there will be a horse, not in water of course, that surprise is yet to come!
Here are some images that will be inspiring my work. 

*Unfortunately this call is not open to my international readers, for obvious reasons. But feel free to leave comments with some of your ideas to make my idea better. I need all the help I can get.*

Thank you so much my darlings,


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