Sunday, November 06, 2011

top 5 favourite film stills

#1 Cry-Baby: this film has it all- musical dance numbers, sex appeal, Johnny Depp, 1950’s glamour, romance... a typical happy 50’s film? no no no! a darker version of Grease with all the trappings and fabulous fashion choices that come with the decade. plus we see Mr. Depp shed a single tear in various scenes, breaks my heart every time.

#2 the virgin suicides: the dark misty and eerie lighting contrasted with sunset painted skys spreading light across a dark suburban reality. I loved the book, then I watched the movie, what struck me was the light and carefree fashion choices, I loved the loose pastel florals paired with their gorgeous long locks. makes me want to grow my hair!

#3 roman holiday: the only thing I can say is cliche but always true! Audrey Hepburn is a classic beauty, she can do no wrong. the enchanting black and white colour only adds to the story and the italian setting. 

#4 never let me go: the seaside, the gum boots, the hairstyles, the layering of knit jumpers and light cardigans, carey mulligan, classic british style, love lost in time. so very beautiful and delicate story. 

#5 riding in cars with boys: brittany murphy & drew barrymore make this film, the movie speaks for itself!

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