Tuesday, November 01, 2011

honey cake

Looking back on my childhood, what I always sticks out in my mind is the delicious food my various family members served/made/gave/fed me. So many dishes, but I always think back on to the sweet cakes, breads, and cookies due to my ever present sweet tooth. 

While browsing one of my favourite food blogs, I stumbled upon a picture of a cake that looked quite familiar to me. Once I read (and used)  this recipe I realized it was the same cake my grandma had made me on numerous occasion, the same cake I loved dearly and knew would bring back some fond memories of the past. 

So I set out to duplicate this now sentimental cake.


Once collecting all the ingredients I had to make a few necessary changes due to
lack of the certain ingredients. 
2 main changes made:
- didn’t have an OJ so I used apple kiwi juice instead (its all I had!)
- a cup of plain black tea turned into Lady Grey

so much honey

the recipe called for a cup of tea, so I used my favourite Lady Grey

made a small heart loaf for doug

 There are no photos that I would want to share showing the disaster that happened during the
baking process. Due to my overfilling the pans, the batter bubbled over the sides leaving a sticky uncooked mess on the bottom of my oven and the sides of the loaf pans. But after some serious cleaning I was able to restore the loaf to its almost glory.

The cake turned out tasting slightly dryer than my grandmas, but thats just because
I left it in the oven for longer than necessary. But the best discovery I made
was: using the apple juice gave the loaf an autumnal taste, and brought out the 
cinnamon and wonderful spices, almost a spiced apple loaf minus the real apple pieces. 

taste testing papabear
finished before the tea

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