Tuesday, November 08, 2011

nothin’ you can do

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I am in the middle of exams at the moment so its a bit hard to come up with really amazing posts regularly,
but you can bet your boots, that as soon as I am done with my last exam a whole bunch of ally goodness will come your way! 

In the mean time smile because the weather is good- raining and pouring at 4 in the morning, sunshine in the late afternoon.

I am also smiling because I found quite a lovely green dress last weekend, on sale!

check it…check it

okay so its a reaaaallly bad and blurry photo,
but its the only one I took before I went out on a late night 
date with a certain curly-haired boy (that I love) last Saturday. 

I was in a rush, but was also very keen to share my find,
I will wear it again soon and post less fuzzy photos. (I pinky promise)

dress- Glassons

have a lovely night, and I promise to check back in soon!
wish me luck on exams

toodles, xx

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