Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday Afternoon

So today, I went shopping today for the first time, in a long time. I'd say about 6 months, which is a really long time for anyone-especially me. I went out with a purpose, to come home with a good pair of jeans.

I won't bore you with the long details of my denim shopping adventure, as we all know shopping for a good pair of jeans is really stressful for any woman.

I was lucky this time, the first shop I walked into was the shop I bought my jeans from. Its a new store in Southland called 'Universal Store', I didn't get a good look at anything other than their jeans, but I highly  recomend it for a good pair of jeans and really friendly service.

These jeans are from the Australian brand 'NOBODY', and are handmade right here in Melbourne.
They are gorgeous is all I can really say, and they fit like a gem (not to mention my bum looks pretty good)

Here they are, I bought the high waisted pair because I fell in love with the fit, and for these photos I cuffed them at the bottom. They are spectacular and I cannot wait to actually wear them out somewhere I can show them off.

For these outfit photos I am wearing:
  • Jeans- Nobody
  • Moccasins: Minnetonka
  • Top: Vintage
  • Hat: Vintage
  • Bow Tie: Hand Made

Notice the cute flower patch on my breast pocket!
(Its why I bought the shirt)

The cheetah print bowler hat was just a really lucky find, at a Salvation Army in Prahran. It only cost me $15 which I consider a bargain for such a funky hat.

May I just say I cannot wait till school is over once and for all.
Just a few more months (5)

I hope you are all happy and stress free.

Love, love, love,

Little owl xx

Sunday, May 27, 2012

May Children

I refuse to accept winter is around the corner, though it would seem it is already upon us with this cold, dark, wet weather we've been having for a few weeks now. Yesterday in particular was an extremely chilly day, it started off with sunshine and a cool breeze and turned into grey clouds and a frosty wind. 
Yesterday was a day of birthday celebrations, it is Doug's birthday this week, as well as his cousins, Clare and Laura's. There was an impromptu dinner planned, and all the family was able to come together to share some special moments. 

Playing in the garden before it started  raining, due to the very dark lighting, you can't tell but I am wearing one of the best skirts I have ever found!
In reality it belongs to my little sister Kat, but she so graciously lets me borrow it on occasion due to the fact that I love it so much. 

Its a Black Corduroy Circle Skirt from American Apparel. I can literally wear it with anything, and it compliments everything. 

Doug and his mum taking in the washing before it starts to rain
Shirt: Vintage
Skirt: American Apparel
Socks: Outdoor Camping shop
Tights: H&M (plum)
Doc Martens: Urban Outfitters
Coat: Vintage

I do love this coat very much, but I actually don't wear it that often. I hadn't really worn it since the last blog post that featured it, but wearing it again reminded me just how soft and fluffy it was.  

Soft enough to sleep in, which I did.

Grapefruit trees in the garden
The flowers around the house seemed to look even more beautiful surrounded by the grey gloom. 

sleeping flower boy
melancholy roses
birds in a vase

Trying on his birthday presents on all at once to create a very bright outfit, cheeky doug!

The birthday boy and his mummy

Being the spur of the moment celebration this was, we had no cake planned or ready for the festivities. So someone (DMcD) came up with the bright idea to make a Birthday PanCAKE, with cream, raspberries, & syrup. 

I am not a pancake lover, and was not to happy with the prospect of having pancakes for dessert, especially if its meant to replace a birthday cake.

Despite all this I made it my job to assemble to the cake and cook up a delicious batch of pancakes.

My pancakes normally turn out somewhat mis-shaped, undercooked and chewy. I did not put this pancake mix together, so I cannot tell you what the secret was, but these pancakes turned out PERFECT.

 I could not point out a flaw, all I did was cook them. And coming from someone who is not especially fond of pancakes I'd say this is a really good compliment. I cannot take the credit for the way they turned out, it was all in the mixture.

You can almost see how soft they were

Needless to say my opinions on pancakes have changed, look how happy I am making them!
(Its not that I don't like pancakes, just haven't ever been to crazy about them)

cold berries


I must have made around 25 pancakes in one go, it was delicious! All the berries, and maple-flavoured syrup, and cream. I'm sure they couldn't have asked for a better birthday cake.

Back for seconds
Happy Birthday to Doug, Clare, and Laura! 
Now the weekend is done, back to another long week of school, 
ho hum. Not too long to go.

Leave me a comment and say hello! It will brighten up the dreary week of school and work I have ahead.

Much love, 
little al xxo

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

where the wind blows

Why, hello there everyone!

Yes, it has been a while. I was hoping to start off by saying how sorry I am to my readers (if there are any of you left) and to myself. I let a few bad times and tough experiences these past few months, get in my way of doing what I love, which is of course..blogging.  I am back yes, because through everything, I am stronger and ready to show that nothing can get me down. 

This time though, I will not make any false promises to you or this blog. Being in year 12 I am very busy of course with studying, and procrastinating, ooh and don't forget sleeping/napping. But I will try my very best to keep this beautiful blog going, not posting everyday or maybe even every week..but as much as I can manage. 

I really love sharing what I am doing, because lately my life has become more interesting. I have lots more art experiments to share with you, lots more recipes, lovely poems, and gorgeous new additions to my wardrobe. So keep on checking in, I promise that this time there will be something to look at. 

Much love,

owl xx

ps: here is a photo of me, incase any of you forgot how I look. (not much has changed except I may be losing hair..)

as you can see I am no good at posing.
(sometime in March)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

With a corncob pipe and a button nose

Maybe you have been wondering "where has owl gone???"
No bad excuses, sorry for the long time away, I will try not to let such lengthy time periods pass in between posts. 

So with Christmas literally around the bend, and another year coming to a close, I am naturally overwhelmed with all the holiday cheer and going-away plans still to be made, plus the piles of homework I've yet to touch. Stress levels are reaching a new high, and the grinch in me pops out every now and then. Thankfully I have not forgotten that this time of year is not all about me, but a family affair, so I am trying very hard to spread the cheer instead of sharing my nerves and anxiety. 

I made this ginger bread house today, as a way to get into the spirit of Christmas, I have never made one of these before and let me tell you, its not as easy as it looks. The chimney broke, but never fear, it didn't go to waste, I promptly took the opportunity to eat it. As for the kit I used, I bought a gingerbread house kit from IKEA, and the result was lovely, and the gingerbread tasted deliciously spiced and gingerful.
For even more exciting news, it is mine and Doug's one year of being together this coming Friday. It feels really special because for this past year he has not only been sweet and lovely and caring to me; but the best friend I could ask for during hard times in my life. Whatever happens in life, I am honored to have had such a beautiful friend and lover. 
okay enough boring lovey gush. 
See you soon with that interview I promised!


Sunday, December 04, 2011

sore knees and a fast bike

It has been too long my friends, sorry to not keep you updated, but for the past 4 days I have been on the Great Victorian Bike Ride. And the weeks approaching the ride, I have been sleeping and recovering from such a long year at school. Thankfully school is coming to an end and Ally is back! 

About 2 weeks ago, I was going out with some friends to a Jamaican festival in Murrumbeena. Turned up to a small hall next to a bowling club to “Experience Jamaica” was a sweet small room full of happy people and cheery music. Unfortunately I arrived quite late so I didn’t get to see much, here are some happy snaps from the day, none from the festival, but thats ok. 

bedside table (morning)

julianna and jan

If you are interested in my outfit: 
Top- Savers Op Shop
Skirt- Vintage
Coat- American Red Cross Thrift Store
Tights- Forever New
Boots- 2 year old Christmas Present

After a long time of waiting and procrastinating, my interview with Jess from Taken By Surprise is finished and ready to go. Coming soon are the beautiful photos from the shoot and the lovely conversation we shared. So be on the look out.

Toodles For Now,

Thursday, November 24, 2011

face your fears

Everyone has different facial expressions, but there is one expression that is, your "everyday face”- an expression that you wear every time you aren’t busy talking, kissing, forcing a smile, or sneezing.

Lately I have been asked by a fair number of people if I am sad or upset, this is a little strange for me because I consider myself to be quite a content and neutral looking person.

This puzzled me for a while.
I went out one evening and out of the blue a friend of mine asked if I was about to cry, I asked why(?), and they said "well your expression is very sad and worried looking”. Hmm... sad and worried, not me, at least not me, all the time

So I went home and the next morning, took a photo of what I thought is my “everyday face” (pictured above) and I have to say, everyone is right. 
I look anxious and gloomy, which might be true at times, but definitely not a feeling I want to convey on an everyday basis.
Its something people might not ever think about, what their face looks like while they’re simply walking around. 

But trust me, its a very important thing to consider, I recall walking past people scowling and looking angry while glaring at everyone, on numerous occasions, and wondering, “what is their problem??” 
Looking back, I am pretty sure more times than not, they weren’t actually mad, it was just their facial expression while casually taking a stroll down the street. 

Maybe its a guarding mechanism, used to feel confident while under the public eye. 
In reality an expression can be mis-interpreted, especially if you aren’t even aware you are making it.

Please, don’t make the same mistake as gloomy looking me and angry looking them, actually take time to feel what your face looks like, relax those face muscles, and maybe even smile? 

I will be working on my smile,

Its more attractive than looking like a grump.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

just an idea

I don’t know why, but for some reason I have always thought that the idea of dying/sleeping in water is beyond beautiful and the most poetic and natural way to end a life. Probably because at the young ripe age of 12 I was fascinated with the character of Ophelia in Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”,  that I always pictured it as finding eternal peace inside a flowery and watery grave.

For my Studio Art subject this coming year I am planning to re-create several scenes with my handy-dandy mermaid camera, depicting the deaths of tragic figures in poetry-mainly underwater.

This will be hard- because without a variety of expressive models/actors...this whole thing could turn into cheese. So I am placing an open call for any aspiring actors, models, swimmers, or just friends of mine who wouldn’t mind helping me out next year. 
I want you to be in my photos, this would mean possibly getting wet and possibly being extremely close to a member of the opposite sex (romeo and juliet?)  

So just zip me a message or comment on my facebook page if you would like to be involved, everyone I know is so beautiful and lovely, you could really bring something special to the shoot. 

Of course this is all still in the planning stages, all I know is that it will involve water, flowers, and poetry. 

Oh and, there will be a horse, not in water of course, that surprise is yet to come!
Here are some images that will be inspiring my work. 

*Unfortunately this call is not open to my international readers, for obvious reasons. But feel free to leave comments with some of your ideas to make my idea better. I need all the help I can get.*

Thank you so much my darlings,

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