Wednesday, May 02, 2012

where the wind blows

Why, hello there everyone!

Yes, it has been a while. I was hoping to start off by saying how sorry I am to my readers (if there are any of you left) and to myself. I let a few bad times and tough experiences these past few months, get in my way of doing what I love, which is of course..blogging.  I am back yes, because through everything, I am stronger and ready to show that nothing can get me down. 

This time though, I will not make any false promises to you or this blog. Being in year 12 I am very busy of course with studying, and procrastinating, ooh and don't forget sleeping/napping. But I will try my very best to keep this beautiful blog going, not posting everyday or maybe even every week..but as much as I can manage. 

I really love sharing what I am doing, because lately my life has become more interesting. I have lots more art experiments to share with you, lots more recipes, lovely poems, and gorgeous new additions to my wardrobe. So keep on checking in, I promise that this time there will be something to look at. 

Much love,

owl xx

ps: here is a photo of me, incase any of you forgot how I look. (not much has changed except I may be losing hair..)

as you can see I am no good at posing.
(sometime in March)

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