Thursday, November 24, 2011

face your fears

Everyone has different facial expressions, but there is one expression that is, your "everyday face”- an expression that you wear every time you aren’t busy talking, kissing, forcing a smile, or sneezing.

Lately I have been asked by a fair number of people if I am sad or upset, this is a little strange for me because I consider myself to be quite a content and neutral looking person.

This puzzled me for a while.
I went out one evening and out of the blue a friend of mine asked if I was about to cry, I asked why(?), and they said "well your expression is very sad and worried looking”. Hmm... sad and worried, not me, at least not me, all the time

So I went home and the next morning, took a photo of what I thought is my “everyday face” (pictured above) and I have to say, everyone is right. 
I look anxious and gloomy, which might be true at times, but definitely not a feeling I want to convey on an everyday basis.
Its something people might not ever think about, what their face looks like while they’re simply walking around. 

But trust me, its a very important thing to consider, I recall walking past people scowling and looking angry while glaring at everyone, on numerous occasions, and wondering, “what is their problem??” 
Looking back, I am pretty sure more times than not, they weren’t actually mad, it was just their facial expression while casually taking a stroll down the street. 

Maybe its a guarding mechanism, used to feel confident while under the public eye. 
In reality an expression can be mis-interpreted, especially if you aren’t even aware you are making it.

Please, don’t make the same mistake as gloomy looking me and angry looking them, actually take time to feel what your face looks like, relax those face muscles, and maybe even smile? 

I will be working on my smile,

Its more attractive than looking like a grump.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

just an idea

I don’t know why, but for some reason I have always thought that the idea of dying/sleeping in water is beyond beautiful and the most poetic and natural way to end a life. Probably because at the young ripe age of 12 I was fascinated with the character of Ophelia in Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”,  that I always pictured it as finding eternal peace inside a flowery and watery grave.

For my Studio Art subject this coming year I am planning to re-create several scenes with my handy-dandy mermaid camera, depicting the deaths of tragic figures in poetry-mainly underwater.

This will be hard- because without a variety of expressive models/actors...this whole thing could turn into cheese. So I am placing an open call for any aspiring actors, models, swimmers, or just friends of mine who wouldn’t mind helping me out next year. 
I want you to be in my photos, this would mean possibly getting wet and possibly being extremely close to a member of the opposite sex (romeo and juliet?)  

So just zip me a message or comment on my facebook page if you would like to be involved, everyone I know is so beautiful and lovely, you could really bring something special to the shoot. 

Of course this is all still in the planning stages, all I know is that it will involve water, flowers, and poetry. 

Oh and, there will be a horse, not in water of course, that surprise is yet to come!
Here are some images that will be inspiring my work. 

*Unfortunately this call is not open to my international readers, for obvious reasons. But feel free to leave comments with some of your ideas to make my idea better. I need all the help I can get.*

Thank you so much my darlings,


Friday, November 18, 2011

1,2,3,4 underwater

I have recently been watching the latest season of America’s Next Top Model, with this being the 17th season bringing back the all star contestants from past seasons and giving them another chance to “be on top”.

My favorite contestant of all time, has been the lovely Miss Allison Harvard, and I am excited to say she is back on this season and has a VERY good chance of winning. You might remember her as the awkward blonde girl with big (sometimes scary) doe-like eyes, but she has proved herself to be much more than that- winning key challenges this season and being one of the most memorable contestants.

I am writing this to not only compliment her as being a lovely person and beautiful model, but to say I really appreciate her outside of the show. Recently visiting her website where she posts her beautiful art and photography. I can tell she will go far in life whether she wins the season or not, a very creative force, and one that I admire a lot. 

All artworks are courtesy of Allison Elizabeth Harvard

Friday, November 11, 2011

Little Aowl loves Little Doodles

I adore any kinds of little critters, in real life or paper/fabric/cardboard form. I particularly enjoy little birds, I had stumbled upon these drawings a little while ago, and fell in love with them once more today. 
Little Doodles is the darling artist/shop responsible for these little fabric and paper crafted birds. They feature all sorts of animals wearing spiffy threads and much more. Take a little time to visit their blog, or their cargo collective (that I linked above). 

All art belongs to Little Doodles!

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

nothin’ you can do

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I am in the middle of exams at the moment so its a bit hard to come up with really amazing posts regularly,
but you can bet your boots, that as soon as I am done with my last exam a whole bunch of ally goodness will come your way! 

In the mean time smile because the weather is good- raining and pouring at 4 in the morning, sunshine in the late afternoon.

I am also smiling because I found quite a lovely green dress last weekend, on sale!

check it…check it

okay so its a reaaaallly bad and blurry photo,
but its the only one I took before I went out on a late night 
date with a certain curly-haired boy (that I love) last Saturday. 

I was in a rush, but was also very keen to share my find,
I will wear it again soon and post less fuzzy photos. (I pinky promise)

dress- Glassons

have a lovely night, and I promise to check back in soon!
wish me luck on exams

toodles, xx

Sunday, November 06, 2011

top 5 favourite film stills

#1 Cry-Baby: this film has it all- musical dance numbers, sex appeal, Johnny Depp, 1950’s glamour, romance... a typical happy 50’s film? no no no! a darker version of Grease with all the trappings and fabulous fashion choices that come with the decade. plus we see Mr. Depp shed a single tear in various scenes, breaks my heart every time.

#2 the virgin suicides: the dark misty and eerie lighting contrasted with sunset painted skys spreading light across a dark suburban reality. I loved the book, then I watched the movie, what struck me was the light and carefree fashion choices, I loved the loose pastel florals paired with their gorgeous long locks. makes me want to grow my hair!

#3 roman holiday: the only thing I can say is cliche but always true! Audrey Hepburn is a classic beauty, she can do no wrong. the enchanting black and white colour only adds to the story and the italian setting. 

#4 never let me go: the seaside, the gum boots, the hairstyles, the layering of knit jumpers and light cardigans, carey mulligan, classic british style, love lost in time. so very beautiful and delicate story. 

#5 riding in cars with boys: brittany murphy & drew barrymore make this film, the movie speaks for itself!

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