Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Overcome Those Exam-Season Blues

Do you feel tired all the time? The weight of exam pressure getting you down? Then here are my ten, never fail, self soothing techniques to get happy and get through those long and dark hours of study time. Therapy for any girl in the middle of important exams:

1.     If studying from home make sure not to stay in your jim-jams all day, you will feel a lot better after having a shower, washing your face, brushing your teeth (oh golly, please do brush them), slapping on some deodorant, and starting your day fresh faced and minty fresh.
2.     Crack open a window to get some fresh air flowing through your room, or better yet sit outside in the sun for a little bit, get your daily vitamin D intake...its good for you. If fresh air and sunshine is not possible for you, or the thought of going outside is too difficult to comprehend at least pull up your blinds and stop living like a vampire.

3.  Eat anything you’d like to eat, but in small portion sizes. I know while studying I always get crazy cravings, maybe its a subconscious way of procrastinating, I don’t know... But I can attest to always feeling sick and whale-like after going on a 20 minute binge session in my pantry. So what I have started to do, is leave my snacks and treats that I just cannot live without, in a little picnic basket next to my study area already pre-portion controlled. That way I dont over eat and feel sorry for myself for the rest of the day.
      My own personal example: Mini bags of organic cheesy cornichips, a pot of tea on the desk, apples and peanut butter, mint chocolate (snack sized pieces), and mixed lollies in little ziplock baggies.
      Maybe it sounds a little bit OCD... but that's ok, I feel much better when I can plan out my day, right down to my scheduled bathroom breaks. (okay maybe that's a little too much)!

4.   Watch an entire television series all day...marathon style. I prefer watching mindless reality TV, or talk  shows but the choice is yours. Put on a season of America’s Next Top Model, or The Real Housewives of (I prefer New Jersey), maybe even The Ellen DeGeneres Show-and just veg out. Sure you’ll feel unaccomplished, but there are certain days of your life where you just need to slow down and stop working your already rapidly growing brain.
5.    Skip the coffee break, make it a tea break instead!

6.     Go to your local op shop and treat yourself to an over sized and comfy piece of clothing-be it a jumper or a mumu-something comfy to wear that will make you feel hip and sassy, and feeling super thin in your over sized garment.

7.     If taking a stroll down to your local shops and you feel hopelessly glum, take time to wave at the old folks and wink at young children. You might make their day or really creep them out, either way you feel like a cheeky monkey doing it!

8.     Do not go on facebook or twitter! And if that is too hard, at least don’t stay on it for longer than one hour, it is unhealthy and strangely consuming, it will take up your precious “me-time” and probably your study time too.

9. (please only do this if you are in the comfort of your own home!) Take off your skirt, put on a pair of tights, and blast your music really loud. Then basically jump all around the house,dancing and singing to the music, in your underwear+a pair of tights, the tights are used to make you feel like a ballerina and to suck in all the excess bounce in your legs while you’re bopping around, so you feel graceful and lovely!

10.  Take some time to feel your face muscles, and make sure you aren’t accidentally scowling or frowning while staring hard into your text book or notes. Relax your face and let a slow smile creep up on you as you remember that, after exams... summer holidays are here! Now isn’t that the most hopeful thought ever?

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