Monday, October 10, 2011

lets talk about the weather

So it is meant to be spring time here in the lovely city of Melbourne, and I really shouldn’t complain because there are a few gorgeous 
sunshiney-birdschirping-flowersblooming kind of days; but more times than not the weather has been bleak and gray and to top it off…cold.

 I love the cold, during winter and late autumn.
But I miss the sun, when the weather is good I am motivated to do productive things-
like study-which I really should be doing more of, since we are in prime exam season. 

Yet I’d rather sit in bed sipping lukewarm tea and watching the cars drive past my rainy street, snuggling
in my warm and comforting pile of fluffy bed sheets. 

fascinating afternoon, yes?

(summer last year//whale-watching)

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